4 Daily Practices for 2018

GritsAndGlitzHappy New Year Beautiful Souls!

My, my, was 2017 a whirlwind or what? At least, that is how I felt. The ups, the downs, the turn-arounds. The moves, the shifts, it felt like dips, and this ship (me), had to learn how to float through all of it.

Child, at times in 2017 I felt like a hot mess. In a new year chat with my cousin I told her, “Girl,  I had to make sure my edges were always oiled so I did not loose them!” Alas, here we are. We have made it through to 2018 and my edges are flourishing.

Praise God (for coconut oil)!

More than anything in 2017, I learned how to flow through the tide. Meaning, I learned how to flow with the sudden changes in life and make the best of it. I feel stronger and wiser. I learned that there is no such thing as a failure, we simple just learn how to adjust and make changes.

My goal for 2018 is to continue to adjust my sails. Here are my 4 daily practices for 2018.

  • Get Still:

Sometimes before we get overworked we should take a moment to pause. Stillness allows the mind to calm and the answers to flow. Stillness allows us to breath. I practice stillness by getting in a comfortable position whether sitting or standing. Then I take a deep breath and allow my thoughts to flow. I sit with my thoughts, feel through them, and then move on to my next practice.

  • Prayer/Meditation:

Sometimes in the journey you just gotta keep yo’ funk to yo’ self! Everyone is not going to know how to handle what you are going through. Everyone will not understand your season or the space you are in. Sometimes we go to friends or family for advice, but remember this: their advice< God’s advice. My answers to most situations are delivered in prayer by God.

  • Journaling:

I started this practice naturally as a little girl. I am a writer. It is so cool to look back at progress. Journaling also helps with getting thoughts or plans on paper. I learned the power of journaling affirmations and visions for my life from mentors.  In 2016, I even journaled that I wanted to relocate to a metropolitan city. My plan was to live in New York or Los Angeles. A few weeks later I moved to New York.

  • Dance:

Literally, move your body. Lift your arms side to side. Bend your knees. Sometimes, we may find ourselves sitting in thought for way too long. Personally, a good song, a few stretches, and back arches that turn into impromptu twerking sessions (in my mirror by myself) is great therapy for me. Dancing always gets me in a much better mood. Hey, we all know the benefits of exercise right?

These are my four daily practices. Not too hard to incorporate daily, right?

I challenge you to join me. Let’s get still, continue to pray, journal our thoughts, and dance through 2018!

Always remember : Your soul is divine, your heart is in line.



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