Tips for a Weekend of Wellness

“Self-care Sunday” was in my life even before the phrase became a hashtag. Growing up on Saturday morning’s my Mom would wash and braid my hair, my Dad polished my shoes, and I’d pick out a dress. Why? Because Sundays meant we were going to church. Church was self-care for the soul.

This routine stuck with me into adulthood. I still enjoy pampering myself with Saturday hair appointments. I mean, and who doesn’t love Sunday brunches? Or cute weekend outfits, Saturday Sushi dates, or events with family? I am a gal who is here for it all!

It is pretty safe to say, we all learned the fragility of life with the 2020 pandemic. There is no right or wrong way to self-care. The most important thing is that you are making time to recharge.

My self-care routines change depending on my mood or location, but best believe, I always make time for myself.

Here are some of my favorite self-care tips:

Try A Yoga Class

During the pandemic, I became a certified yoga teacher, and though I’ve fallen off of my routine daily practice, yoga always makes me feel stronger. With tons of free videos on YouTube, you can learn what works for you. Check your local yoga studios for day passes too.

Make or Buy Fresh Brewed Tea

Big secret, I don’t like coffee. I’m a tea gal. I appreciate a floral tea or a strong Chai. From the endless variations, to various strengths, I am sure there is a tea out there for you. Tea, like yoga, always helps to zen my mood. Sometimes, depending on the blend it also doubles up as aromatherapy.

Try A Pottery Class

My favorite class in High School was ceramics. Once you get the hang of it, working with clay is like a form of meditation. I absolutely love this activity. Two years ago, I gathered my loved ones to celebrate a milestone birthday at a pottery studio. It was so fun and every now and then I go to a studio for lessons. Eventually, I’ll go weekly.

Explore Painting/Coloring

I went to one Painting with a Twist Class and turned into Picasso. (LOL) Truly, painting allows me to explore my creativity. Oftentimes, I’ll go to a home decor store and browse for inspiration. You should give that a shot too!

Treat Yo’ Self to Something New

Part of self-care might include treating yo’ self to something nice. I love boutiques with vibrant girly aesthetics. I especially love shopping at local boutiques because they are typically small businesses that can greatly use the support. I found this Black-owned market while brunching with my girls in Orlando. If I am in the area I always stop in.

Be sure to check back for the rest of my self care tips.


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