Tips for a Weekend of Wellness

“Self-care Sunday” was in my life even before the phrase became a hashtag. Growing up on Saturday morning’s my Mom would wash and braid my hair, my Dad polished my shoes, and I’d pick out a dress. Why? Because Sundays meant we were going to church. Church was self-care for the soul. This routine stuck with me into adulthood. I still enjoy pampering myself with … Continue reading Tips for a Weekend of Wellness

5 Reasons NOT to Pray

I remember learning how to pray at a young age. The prayer I learned went like this: “Gentle Jesus, meek and mild,Look upon a little child,Pity my simplicity,Suffer me to come to thee…Ayyyyy-men.” I said that prayer every night with hopes that angels would protect me as I slept. My Mother taught me that prayer, along with longer ones. On my journey to school, I … Continue reading 5 Reasons NOT to Pray